Breath of The WIld: Main Theme





This week on Music Monday, we’ll be heading on back into the immense world and music of:



                           The Legend of Zelda


To be a bit more specific, we’ll be looking at the theme that all of you here when you first leave the Shrine of Ressurection.( The beginning of the game, don’t worry, no spoilers haha)


                Breath of The Wild: Main Theme

          As always, plug in your headphones(or speakers) and let’s dive right into this!



However, instead of our normal analysis, we’ll be understanding the quality of the music and its structure. Furthermore, this should be a good read for those with little understanding of Music Theory at the moment. We’d never forget about you guys! You’re Music Monday adventures as well haha!



              It’s dangerous to go alone, time to choose a partner to accompany us





                               Let’s Begin!

Something very common in this theme is something very subtle yet clear. It’s not the high notes, not the vocals, the kazoo? Where’d you hear that???

I’m talking about one simple tool in the arsenal:





That’s right! The thing link is known for, the sweet sound of nothingness(However I’m not sure that’s a real word haha). But it’s true, the silence in the theme of this game is what truly sparks the melody into a bright light.



                          Why is it important?

I’m sure you’re asking ” How do pauses help the song if there aren’t notes always being played”. Melodies contain pauses for many reasons, a few I believe could be an answer is phrasing. Phrasing is a short musical section in a melody that is memorable. Silence is like a conversation ending, we all hope for it to pick back up again not sure what to expect. Not to mention that at heart, the melody is quite simple but with a team(instruments) to back up the conversation. Check out this Music Monday to find out why a simple melody is one of the most memorable ones.


Mario Bros. Theme

So the next time you listen to the Breath of the Wild music and wonder why pauses are initiated remember: A pause is like the end of a conversation/topic. It’s just a matter of time before it picks right back up opening a new one.





Thanks for reading! Hope you found/learned a bit more about how important pauses are in melodies. Tune in next week to find out what world we dive into next on Music Monday! 😀

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