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               Top 10 Wednesday: The Legend of Zelda 3D Titles

First off, let me start by saying the Legend of Zelda is my favorite Nintendo Series and second favorite video game series of all time!


In order for me to make this, I had to replay these games so I could give my opinion on these choices. This list was made primarily for entertainment/opinion rather than facts. Also, I wanted to write this to give my personal experience to others out there to get to know a little bit about me. Although the comment section will be a great place to put your ranking on Zelda games for a Nice discussion. With that said, here are the Top 10 Zelda 3D Titles. Enjoy!

       Unfortunately, Hyrule Warriors will not be on this list due to it not really being a full Zelda Game.



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                     Zelda 3D Titles








                       Triforce Heroes



        Wait just a minute! Just because this is #10, doesn’t mean it was hated upon.


Save the kingdom and princess of Hytopia in style. Quest as 3 links to take on challenging puzzles and dungeons. You’re able to craft different types of clothing with unique abilities to help you along the way. Its use of multiplayer and customizable wardrobe is really what makes it easily stand out from the other Zelda titles. Although it lacked much of a story to give a player like me a reason to continue playing.(Not to forget our fourth hero Purple Link sniffle).


             But let’s be honest, you don’t buy this game for the story.


Now this game was in no way the best Zelda game, but it definitely did its formula right. You have to agree the game is way more fun with friends and has a fun charm to it.   It also feels really fun to play around the holiday season. If you’re a fan of multiplayer games, I highly recommend this game. Although you might wanna find people who have it as well. It’s almost impossible to find people in the online lobby anymore. Also, meeting with random players could get annoying at times due to trollers. Triforce Heroes released for the Nintendo 3DS October 22, 2015.




                     A Link Between Worlds

         Now before you use your master swords to strike me, please hear me out.



I only managed to play a little bit of this game before the tragic crack on my 3ds appeared. From what I played, it was quite a fun title. Taking inspiration from A Link to the Past, Embark on a new journey as young link to save the seven sages and 2 worlds!( no pressure). Using various items that can be obtained through a trading shop. Some could argue this game was more of a 2d kind of Zelda.


BUT it is most definitely used with 3d graphics from a top down perspective. The game mechanics were really fun and quite an enjoyment to play. I only wish that my 3DS hadn’t… well you know. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pas– oop, I mean a Link Between Worlds released on the 3DS November 22, 2013.(Almost messed that up xD )




                        Phantom Hourglass

                 I will never judge a game based on controls again





Taking place after the Legend of Zelda Windwaker, set sail with Tetra only to find she has disappeared. Arriving on a mysterious island, adventure on with the help of  Ciela. A fairy who embarks with you on your quest to find Tetra and find the Ghost Ship. The characters were really interesting, especially Lineback. He was the kind of character that grows on you, well at least on me haha. Definitely a memorable partner on your journey that you’ll start to love.


I thought this game wasn’t good because of controls.Boy was I wrong! Playing this game made me realize not to judge a game simply because of controls. First time I at least heard about the game was in a game magazine in elementary school. It wasn’t until this year that I got it for my Wii u and actually beat it. This game is definitely worth your time, believe me. Especially coming from someone who thought he wouldn’t like it due to controls haha. The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass released on the Nintendo DS June 23, 2007.



                         Spirit Tracks


                  Surprisingly, I loved the sequel even more!


Right after I beat Phantom Hourglass, I immediately purchased Spirit Tracks. Definitely was worth cause it was even better than !( in my eyes anyway). The sequel to Phantom Hourglass, dive into a new world as a train conductor with your cannon equipped train and discover the New Hyrule. The coolest part is, wait for it… Zelda is your partner! That’s right! The one you should be saving fights alongside you.. sorta.


Zelda was separated from her body and should and became a spirit.(So you still technically still have to save her…) But she’s actually a great ally and really fun partner. Having the ability to possess phantoms which are awesome! I advise you not play this game until you play Phantom Hourglass. Just if you want to follow the storyline haha. The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks released December 7, 2009, for the Nintendo DS.





                             Majora’s Mask

                       My 3ds has met with a terrible fate…




Pick up where you left off in Ocarina of Time in search of an old friend of yours. Through your journey, you encounter a mysterious masked Skull Kid who steals your Ocarina. Explore the depths of Termina having 3 days to save the world from destruction! No pressure xD. This game was pretty fun, a ton of sidequest, 4 main dungeons, and a CRAZY ton of MASK! If you played Ocarina of Time, you gotta play this game, more of a side story about Link in a way.


It’s also a pretty mysterious kinda game with a ton of theories to wrap around your head if you’re a fan of that. Fierce Deity Mask was my favorite out of them all since it makes you incredibly strong and wields a giant sword lol. I was so excited when I obtained it. It was hilarious to find out I completed this game before 72 hours haha. The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask released  April 27, 2000, and remade for the 3DS  February 13, 2015.





                                Twilight Princess

                           Fun fact: This game received 3 ports, that’s right 3!



If you love wolves and TV series twilight, you’ll love this game. Take the role of our fellow green hero and embark on saving Hyrule and the Twilight Zone. Partner along with Midna to take on challenges along with the ability to turn from a human into a wolf. It’s creative puzzles, dungeons, enemies, interesting wolf transformation, and abilities really gave me a reason to love this game.It’s also worth mentioning that this was probably the most mature and one of the strongest Link in any Zelda game( Fierce Deity Link is holding that spot in my head lol).

My friend let me borrow this game for the Gamecube before I decided to buy it for the Wii U. I enjoyed it so much I had to own it myself haha. The Wii u version even features a new mode that can be unlocked with the wolf link amiibo.


                 My wolf link amiibo with dramatic effect ^-^



The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess released on the Wii November 19, 2006,  the Nintendo GameCube December 11, 2006, and Wii U March 4, 2016.










                            Skyward Sword


                                                    Discover where it all began.


Embark on a quest as link in the floating island of Skyloft and discover the origin story of how everything you know about Zelda all began. Skyward Sword had a compelling story and won awards for fantastic music, graphics. Not to forget it had some uh.. Interesting gameplay mechanics. Having lovable characters that everyone will enjoy seeing from familiar ones to new faces. I was really excited when my friend let me borrow it for a bit.


It was actually my summer game in 2015 which was pretty cool. I personally didn’t have any issues with the gameplay mechanics like others. Regardless, this game was a beautiful creation and I would definitely recommend playing it, just make sure to have clear space for minimal motion control issues. Its story especially should be able to give you more of a reason to pick it up. This game is pretty rare to find out in stores but it’s definitely possible to get it pre-owned. Skyward Sword released for the Nintendo Wii November 18, 2011. Don’t forget you can get this on the Wii U eshop as well for away cheaper price than in stores.











                                  Breath of The Wild

           I’m sure all of you know the journey and delays we’ve been through to get our hands on this.


Forget everything you knew about the Zelda series and dive into an apocalyptic Hyrule after a 100-year slumber. Exploration is a key factor in this game, not to mention you can beat the game however you want! In fact, go to Ganon and face him right now(well, maybe prepare a little before hand haha). Let me just say, this game DOES NOT hold your hand, expect a few deaths when you first start. Honestly, I was a little scared with the formula change, however, it managed to fit me just well.


The story didn’t seem to have a huge hold on me like the other Zelda titles but definitely was a marvelous game nonetheless. If you love open world adventures and never played Zelda before, this is the game for you. There’s something for everyone in this game, it’s no wonder this title is easily claimed as One of the Best Video Games of all time. The Legend of Zelda Breat of the WIld released on the Nintendo Wii U and Switch March 3, 2017.











                              Ocarina Of Time

                          Hey! Watch out! Listen ! You all loved Navi, didn’t you?


Wake up after a horrifying nightmare and awaken to a mysterious fairy named Navi. Guiding you through the Korork Forest and taking you to the Great Deku Tree to break the curse. After breaking the curse, you discover you are the hero who will save Hyrule from the wicked evil Ganon. Do you think you have what it takes? Explore several dungeons, items, and uncover the story as you travel across Hyrule.


Although this game didn’t make the spot as #1, I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t understand why people adore it. As the years went by, I started to love this game more and more which was why I bought sequel Majoras Mask release day.  This should be the first game you pick up when you get yourself a 3ds. Even after 19 years of its original release, it’s still a timeless masterpiece that every 3ds and Zelda fan should get. Unfortunately, my 3ds cracked on a trip for reasons that are yet to be explained to me. But when I hopefully get a new one, mark my words. This games will be the first one I  play again lol.  Ocarina of Time released for the Nintendo 64 November 21, 1998, and remade for the Nintendo 3ds June 16, 2011.










                                  Wind Waker

            If you read Music Monday, you’d remember that I LOVED the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker.



The cartoony art design, music, game play and mischievous Link gets into are what really made it shine. Soooo Many Items, and you can use opponents weapons against them! That’s crazy!.The reason I put this game as my #1 was because it was my first/favorite Zelda game I ever played. I owned this game for a long time and saw my cousin play it.(when my cousin asked if Zelda is a girl or boy, the 9-year-old me said boy…). Yes, I was part of the ones who thought link was Zelda. Whenever he would open a chest I was always excited to see what it was cause I thought the master sword would be in one of them.( Definitely mistaken).


It wasn’t until I was around 12 that I actually played/beat the game. The sailing, story, and exploration are what stick with me most of all in this game. Even bought the Wii U bundle of the Legend of Zelda Windwaker HD because of my love for it. Beat it over 30 times and when I tell myself I won’t pick it up, my hands are already on the controller playing it haha! This game will always be on my list of favorite video game titles( I was really sad when I found out there was supposed to be an actual sequel to this game). (no I don’t mean Phantom Hourglass) If you haven’t played it, you won’t be disappointed in picking this one up! The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker released December 13, 2002, and remade in HD for the Wii U September 20, 2013.


                                 What’s next?

And that’s it for Top 10 Wednesdays! What Top 10 do you guys wanna see next? Comment below your ideas 😀

Now If you’ll excuse me. I’m off to go play some Twilight Princess. Then some Wind Waker( told you I can’t stop playing it :P)




I’m happy to say that we’ll be planning an event related to Triforce Heroes along with other games this holiday! Stay tuned for more info 😀

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