Nintendo: Wii U

                           Yeah… This ones gonna be a doozy…


The Wii U was one of um… A not so great console on Nintendo’s part. In my opinion, I actually enjoyed its concept, but not many other people did.






Originally called Project Cafe, this devices concept was created in 2008. Due to the Wii having some limitations, Nintendo decided to bring an upgraded version with their intention being to bring back “core” gaming.(whatever that means).  It wasn’t until April 25, 2011, of E3 that Nintendo revealed this console.This console was going to be Nintendo’s successor to the Wii u and saw potential with this console. But we all know that wasn’t the case…




                             Why did it fail?



The main reason this console failed was due to lack of 3rd party support. Controls were a little strange as well, it was basically a remote with a screen.The console could’ve possibly decent to others if it wasn’t for the lack of games and control design. It was definitely an interesting concept that I personally thought was pretty cool. That could be the Nintendo fan in me talking though haha.





Although the Wii u was a pretty bad fail in terms of sales, I happen to enjoy the console. Believe it or not, there are still a few games that release on this console up to this day.There were some pretty good games that released on it like Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta, and not to forget my most played game on the Wii u, Super  Smash Bros.  Even though it didn’t get a ton of fans, it’s definitely a console that will be remembered in my book.


And that’s all for Techy Tuesday! Hope you learned a little bit more about the Wii u and it’s history! 😀


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