Microsoft: Xbox One X




This week on Techy Tuesday we’ll be talking about the specs on Microsoft’s latest console the:


Xbox One X


Interesting add on with the “X” at the end.  It has also been claimed to be “The world’s most powerful console”.


Now, this is a huge statement to make meaning Microsoft must be incredibly confident in their new system. If your console had 40% more power than other consolesI wouldn’t be surprised. with  4k capabilities, smoother gameplay, faster load times, and a HUGE fan base of dedicated fans. With the information revealed, as a result, it’s possible to play a majority of Xbox One games on the Xbox One X. This includes an additional  4 exclusive games in 4k. These games have already been announced at Microsofts E3 presentation featuring: Assasins Creed Origins, CrackDown 3, Super Lucky’s Tale, and Star Wars BattleFront 2.


With many more exclusive titles to be announced, the console seems like it has a lot of benefits. Giving the player access to play a lot of their games in gorgeous 4k it seems it’s shaping up to be a pretty good console that meets its standards. The only major issue I see could be the amount at which it costs.


The console has been priced for $500. However, if your willing to upgrade your Xbox One for the Xbox One X, you shouldn’t have much a problem. Seems like the console must really have something that many other consoles don’t have for such a high price as the Xbox One’s initial release price.


In conclusion, this powerhouse is scheduled to hit stores on November 7th of this year.  However, with Black Friday around that time, there’s no telling what crazy deals are expecting to show up!



We hope you enjoyed this weeks insight on the Xbox One X. Tune in next week as we discuss more news about the latest tech.









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