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This week on Techy Tuesday we’ll be talking about Sony’s latest console(Not the PS4) but the:


PS4 Pro


This console has actually been out for a while now( I own a PS4 and I still think this came out 2017 lol) and is the more powerful version of the PS4.


How is it better?


Well for starters, the graphics processor (GPU) of this thing is nearly twice as powerful as the PS4 being able to play your games in 4k( sounds like a little competitor to the Xbox One X, or is it).The PS4 Pro also includes 3 USB ports rather than 2 like the other models.



Although the PS4 allows you to play games in 4k, it technically also can’t. While it is true it can play games in 4k, not every game can be played like that, however, in fact, if you really want to play the 4k capable games I would recommend you get yourself 4k TV, but it might spell RIP for your wallet. On the plus side, the upgrade would mean you would be able to play all your ps4 games on the console with no information of an exclusive ps4 pro game.





The console comes to $400, but in reality, this isn’t really something you would need to get if you already own a PS4. I would only recommend you upgrade if you happen to have a 4k TV or don’t have a PS4 at all. It’s true there are quite a few of games that look great on it like Forza Horizon and Battlefield there really only small benefits unless you wanna go for the best of the best. Regardless, the PS4 Pro is looking to be quite the competition for the Xbox One X, but it’s possible that it’s more of a competitor to the Xbox One S than the Xbox one X, but we’ll leave that topic for another day.


This console is available now and you can get yours today if you feel convinced on getting yourself an upgrade or just if you don’t have a PS4 already.



We hope you enjoyed this weeks insight on the PS4, tune in next week as we discuss more news about the latest tech.






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