Nintendo: Switch



                        Ah, The Nintendo Switch

I remember the rumors about this console were off the roof, but almost every one of them was FALSE!


Complaints aside, the Nintendo Switch is by far one of Nintendo’s best console which is actually surprising to me honestly.

If you want to learn more about the home console before this: The Wii U. Click Here!







                      Why so surprised?



I’m gonna basically explain why I was surprised for its huge success.

In my school with the people I normally hang around with, I was(or rather am) the Nintendo fan in the group, don’t get me wrong, my friends enjoyed Nintendo, but they weren’t huge fans of it, especially a specific someone( I won’t give names…) Moving on, I showed them the trailer of the Nintendo Switch, as the fan, getting pretty excited, I thought it looked great and pretty fun, however, some of my friends from that group just thought this was bad without actually giving a legitimate reason as to why.






                        No Explanation -_-



















I was still confused as to why they thought it looked bad. He even went as far as to say the Wii was the only good Nintendo console. Now I don’t know if he’s been living under a rock, but I can tell you there have been better console. The 3ds, the… um, yeah the 3ds(the Wii u wasn’t really a best seller). Regardless, I don’t think you should call a company or even console badly simply because the games aren’t your type.



Complaints aside let’s talk about the specs of this



In case you aren’t sure what exactly this is, the Nintendo Switch is a console hybrid allowing you to play all your games on TV and what its’s best known for, on the go. Everything to make this hybrid possible. Sure there were some compilations of the Switch having issues due to it being claimed as an “unfinished product” but I’d say now the complaints have reduced and is now taking its full potential on what it’s capable of, especially with its games.





Speculations on the Switch can be traced all the way back to 2014 but didn’t receive a public release until March 17, 2015. It wasn’t until April of 2016 that Nintendo announced 2017 release date for it which was title NX at the time. March 3, 2017, we finally were able to get our hands on the console which game along the long-awaited game Breath of the Wild(well, most of us anyways).







Even with the Nintendo Switch’s success with selling over 2.74 million units, it’s stock is pretty small. A majority of fans found it nearly impossible to pick this up unless they waited in line till midnight.(I managed to get mine the next afternoon at a Walmart… plz don’t hurt ;-;). It’s possible Nintendo purposely created a limited stock to make it look like they’re selling like hotcakes. If you still can’t find one don’t worry, more will be shipping in a few more months.



What’d you think? I tried to add a personal story to make a bit more interesting. If you like the concept or don’t, comment below, feedback is always helpful 😀


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