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                                 The SNES

Decided to make this real quick instead of the article that was supposed to come out today(you’ll see why in a minute).



This week, we’ll be taking a look at one of Nintendo’s old consoles:


                                                              (Or SNES for short )


I’m sure many of you Nintendo adult fans remember this little old device. Furthermore, this was the home of the beloved Mario game Super Mario  World, one of Mario’s best titles. The SNES was the (more powerful) version of the NES being able to process 32-bit games. Most noteworthy, the SNES was in a console war at the time with its rival the Genesis. Nintendo ended up winning this war due to its 32-bit processor and early release of Street Fighter 2, something the Genesis did not receive till a year later. Consequently, this left the Genesis to pretty much call it quits as it looks at the SNES take its spotlight.







The SNES was designed by Masayuki Uemura who also designed the Famicom(called the NES in North America). This device released first in Japan  November 21, 1990. It wasn’t until September 9, 1991, that this device would be available nationwide. Clocking at around $199 at release, its limited quantity was able to sell  49.10 million units.







Due to its successful titles, the SNES was labeled as one of the best consoles to exist in several top 10’s. It’s library of games, music, and sound effects furthermore secured its victory. Not to mention it was the best selling console in its era in addition to its stunning technology during its time. As a result, fans everywhere are still looking for this console to add to their collection because of its popularity.







Maybe you’re telling yourself  “This sounds like a great console,  shame I can’t find it anywhere”

Well, I’m happy to inform you that Nintendo is remaking this beloved console and you can pre-order below! Keep in mind this is just a placeholder, but remember these are gonna go fast so keep your eyes peeled for when this thing goes live! Play a library of classic SNES games like Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, and Much More!


And that’s it! Are you gonna pre-order this? Let me know your status/journey on pre-ordering this in the comments below 😀

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