Jump Up Super Star!

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                         It’s Music Monday!


This week we’ll be exploring  New Donk City and listening to the latest music of:


                         Super Mario Odyssey



If you remember the Super Mario Odyssey E3 trailer, you’ll definitely remember getting this song stuck in your head up to this day: I’ll be your 1-Up Girl/Jump up Superstar(whatever you wanna call it)

Remember to play the music while reading 😀

                                Lets  a – GO


When you hear this song, what emotion do you feel? Jumpy?Excited? Why though?  Is it its jazzy theme, the lyrics, the gameplay suited with the song?

Well, we’re gonna dive into this wondrous jazzy theme and identify some of the chords to this. Maybe you could play it too!

Since we don’t have sheet music to the song since it’s fairly new, we’re gonna be using our ears to analyze this song. We haven’t done this before but I’m happy to answer any questions you have in the comment section!




If we hear the bass at the beginning of the song, we hear a G note. Now believe it or not, but the bass can help us identify chords! The G note holds for a long time which means we don’t have to transition chords quickly. Let’s use a G Major Chord!


We’re not gonna use just any G Major chord, were gonna use a bar chord. A bar chord is where we put our fingers down multiple strings to get a different sound of a chord. This is most commonly used in jazz, blues,etc.



This right here is one of the shapes of a G major chord. Did you know you can play any major chord with just this shape? It sounds crazy but it’s true!  The 3 on the side simply means we’ll place the barred finger on the 3rd  fret of the E string. That E string will help you identify what major chord your playing, here’s how.


All instruments have the following notes: A B C D E F G including sharps and flats which we’ll get to later. On the guitar, if you start on the 3rd fret, it’s a G note. Then go up 1, that’s G#(or A- Flat) then go up 1 then we have an A. If we go up 1 more we have our next chord which is an A#(or B- Flat) Major chord which u can hear it goes to that chord at 0:09. Then it goes right back to G major on the 3rd fret at 0:11.



                     Now here’s where it might get a little tricky


At 0:15 we hear the bassist go to a D#(or E -Flat) to G#(or A- flat) and lastly to C#(or D – Flat). You might be wondering how to play it, but remember the major chord shape, just find these notes and play that shape at the correct timing and your gold. But you might be saying it’s way too high up on the fretboard to play, well let’s use a different major chord shape then.


Notice how you won’t be playing the E string at all in this transition. Even if it’s a different string, the same rules apply, find the root note and play the shape above. So if we want to find D# we go to the 6th fret and use that^ shape.For G# we’re gonna wanna go pretty far and head to the 11th fret, still playing the same shape. Lastly, for C# we’re gonna go back down and hit the 4th fret.

                          Now that we got the intro, let’s take a look at a bit of verse 1






For our first chord, we’ll use a C major chord, remember the 2nd shape? Now head to the 3rd fret and there you go.(It could possibly be a C Major 7 chord but either should be fine). It pauses for the piano to play, but you could play an F to substitute for the piano. At 0:25 we descend from the root note E to D on the A string. This involves a new chord shape, now remember the first chord shape we did? Do the exact same shape on the A string on the 7th fret and slide it to 6th to 4th.



Lastly, we have one more chord after the descending part which is at 0:27. Now I will only use what we learned today so simply move your finger up to the 10th fret of the A string and do the second chord shape that was shown above.(It’s most likely a different chord but the G major chord works too).



                        And There you Have It!


Hope you enjoyed this week’s Music Monday for Super Mario Odyssey! Now you’ll be able to play a bit of the song on your own. Now get out there and be the superstar you are !( song reference 😛 )

If you want us to continue analyzing the song for next week’s music Monday, comment below! 😀





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