Live and Learn




This week on Music Monday we’ll be taking a trip back into the world of:

                          Sonic The Hedgehog


We’ll be looking into a pretty popular Sonic game(Not my personal favorite though)


                          Sonic Adventure 2




We’ll be diving into one of Sonic The hedgehog’s best songs:

                             Live and Learn

As always, plug in your headphones(or speakers) and get ready Live and Learn!



Of course, we can’t go on our own, this time we can choose who we want to join us!





        With that said, let’s get right into it!













As many of you may know, “Live and Learn” was performed by Crush 40 and appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the Dreamcast. To hear more about the Dreamcast, check out this Techy Tuesday.


Sega: Dreamcast


The song starts to play when Sonic and Shadow are in super form to face FinalHazard in Sonic Adventure 2. If you ask me, I couldn’t have thought of a better theme for a moment like that haha.







Now there weren’t a whole lot of versions of this song, but from the ones that were made they were pretty good.


                                   Especially this one


This version is played in Sonic Adventure 2 when selecting a stage, hence the name “Stage Select” haha. Another small instrumental version was made for Shadow the hedgehog when he turns into Super Shadow.


It’s a little hard to hear, however, there is a bit of familiarity at the end of the clip with that “Live and Learn” riff.








What’s interesting is that the lyrics to the song have some connection to the actual game events taking place in Sonic Adventure 2.


             “Can you feel life, movin’ through your mind?”


This small little phrase represents Sonic and Shadow fighting to save the entire world, no pressure right? Furthermore, it’s no doubt that this one of crush 40’s most popular songs. Not to mention it’s still played at Sonic The Hedgehog events.




Thanks for reading! Hope you found/learned a bit more about being “Live and Learn”. Tune in next week to find out what world we dive into next on Music Monday! 😀



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