Song of Storms

                               Rain fall upon us



This week on Music Monday, we’ll be adding another song into our inventory to help us control rain with the music of:


                            The Legend of Zelda



We’ll be taking a look at the song that will help us to control the weather that would help us in our musical journey: Song of Storms


As always, plug in your headphones(or speakers) and put your raincoats on!



                                What Key is it in?


Let’s see if you guys can take this one:


                                   a. C Major

                                   b. F Major

                                   c. D minor


If you answered C then you’re on a roll! Now if you said B, you aren’t 100% wrong, I’ll explain:


The relative major of D Minor is F major. If you want to find the relative major of a key, all you simply do is go up a third of the scale:



                D  –  E  – F –  G –  A  – B-flat – C




Notice how the third is F, let’s see another example:


             What is the relative major of C minor?


                            a. F Major

                            b. E Major

                            c. A Major


Remeber all you have to do is go up a 3rd of the C minor scale


        C – D – E-Flat – F – G – A-Flat – B-Flat


So that means E- Flat would be the relative major of C minor


If you need help with Major and Minor, check out this Music Monday that explains a bit:


Dearly Beloved


There are about 6 chords in this song as follow:

                   D Minor – E Minor – F Minor – E Minor


The next chords, you can see a familiar pattern between E – F and B – A which is destined to ascend:

              B-flat major – A Major – B- Flat major – C major



The best part about this melody is its scale shape, you can play this whole song with the:


                           Pentatonic scale




There are 2 types of pentatonic scales:


                                 Major and Minor


Today we’ll be looking at the Minor Pentatonic scale.

minor pentatonic

I recommend you start the song on the 5th fret along with the pentatonic scale. So instead of 5-8 on the E string, start the 5-8 on the A string.


                                      D – F – D x2


The first note, of course, is D on the 5th fret of the A string. Next, you hit F on the 8th fret of the A string. Lastly D, but we’ll be playing it up an octave on the 7th fret of the G string. the x2 simply means you play it twice.


Let’s take a look at the second sequence:


                                E – F – E – F – E – C – A



Next, we see a bit of repetition with E and F. You can find these notes on the 5th and 6th fret of the B string. For C and A, simply put your first finger on the 5th fret, lastly, the 7th fret of the D string is where the A note is found.

                                      A – D – F – G – A


A can be found on the 7th fret of the D string. Next, return to the starting note which is on the A string and ascend the shape of the pentatonic scale. This is played a second time but with the last note being an E instead of an A.


                                      A – D – F – G – E



This is the last part of the entire melody which is played note by note as so:

                                 A – D – F – G – A – A – D


The only difference this is from the previous part is that the note A is played twice with D as the last note.



Another cool tool for learning this song in the shape of the pentatonic scale is that you can play it in any key! Don’t believe me? Try this:



1.With the shape that you just learned to play the song, use that same shape on the 7th fret of the A string.


2.If you used the same shape, you’ll find you just played that song in a new key! Key of E minor to be exact!


Thanks for reading! With all that we’ve been learning, we’ve definitely had a lot of tools under our belt. Tune in next week to find out what world we go to next on Music Monday! 😀


I still have to get a new 3ds device so I can play this game due to my cracked screen haha

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