This week on Music Monday to start the Holidays, we’ll be heading back into the world of:


                              Kingdom Hearts Series

We’ll be exploring the main theme of the 2nd installment in the Kingdom Hearts Series:







Remember, plug those headphones(or speakers), and let the music work wonders!









Before we dive into the history, where are the music theory fans? Were you able to figure what key it was in?


What Key is it in?


                                                  a. D major

                                                  b. F# major

                                                  c. A minor


If you said letter B then you’re spot on! If you’re still having a  bit of trouble identifying the key in a song, take a look at the music Monday of Dearly Beloved


Dearly Beloved









“Passion” is the main theme for the second installment for the Kingdom Hearts Series. Written and recorded by Utada Hikaru, a familiar name in the production of Kingdom Hearts. She was the writer for “Simple and Clean”, the main theme for the first installment in the Kingdom Hearts Series. Passion released December 15, 2005, alongside the English version Sanctuary. However, it wasn’t until March 28, 2006, that “Sanctuary” would appear in North American alongside the video game.










Similar to Simple and Clean, Passion had a few different versions that appeared in the Kingdom Hearts Series. Versions such as:






The English version titled Sanctuary in North America




They even made an instrumental version for the game’s soundtrack.










Hope we get to see Utada Hikaru make another recording for Kingdom Hearts 3, supposedly it should be coming out late next year! Fun Fact, it was a lot easier for her to write the English version to Sanctuary than the Japanese version.




Thanks for reading! Hope you found/learned a bit more about this iconic theme in the Kingdom Hearts Series. In addition, tune in next week to find out what world we dive into next time on Music Monday! 😀


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Simple and Clean

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