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This week on Techy Tuesday, we’ll be taking a look at Nintendo’s greatest home console success. The one and only:



                                 Nintendo Wii



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Given the codename “Revolution”, the Wii was Nintendo’s seventh generation console. Nintendo’s unique feature for this device was the Wii remote controller, a motion controller that was used to detect movement on the screen. There was some skepticism about this device due to the lack of HD TV support considering it underpowered.The Nintendo Wii released December 2, 2006, in Japan and  November 19, 2006, in North America.







                 The console dominated the market 

Nintendo completely blew the competition during this time. Selling more than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it’s unique games and design gave interest to all gamers and casuals. With amazing titles such as Wii Sports, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario Kart, Nintendo was looking bright. Of course, that didn’t last for too long due to the frustration fans and consumers faced with motion controllers. Due to its strange inaccurate motion control at times, it was very hard for Nintendo to make another game that could top Wii Sports during its lifetime.









It’s no doubt the Wii was one of Nintendo’s most successful consoles. Selling over 100 million devices worldwide, it managed to sell better than the Xbox and PlayStation 3. The motion controls were a bit inaccurate at times for developers, but Nintendo sure made a statement with this new innovative device. Let’s not forget it’s backward compatibility that allowed you to play Gamecube Games.




And that’s all for Techy Tuesday! Hopefully, you learned something new about Nintendo’s innovative console. Tune in next week to find out what console we’ll talk about next on Techy Tuesday.


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