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              ” Virtual Reality+wrong era = failure”: Virtual Boy


This week on Techy Tuesday, we’ll be taking a look at Nintendo’s most interesting attempts into the virtual world. The Virtual Boy. This was a rather, unique attempt on Nintendo’s part haha.


If you want to learn more about the portable console before this: The GameBoy. Click Here!









The Virtual Boy was the first console that was capable of displaying 3D stereoscopic graphics. Gunpei Yokoi, the inventor of the Gameboy and Game & Watch led the team that developed this 3D displaying console. Originally called “VR32”,  it’s prototype consisted of a tank game and Driving game displaying its 3D capabilities. Nintendo presented and officially revealed the Virtual Boy late 1994. However, it wasn’t until the following year 1995, that they released this device July 21,1995 in North America.


 It didn’t seem this device would live up to what Nintendo expected


The device had a few games released but not much 3rd party support. Seems developers didn’t exactly know what to do with this device at the time. It ended up being a complete failure doe its price, poor development, and uncomfortable setting. In addition, players who tried out a Mario demo for the game complained that it wasn;t exactly “realistic enough” and “lacking color”. This device never became a threat to other consoles out there during this time.



This device wasn’t a success, but some great ideas came. The 3DS is a perfect example of what past ideas can be made when learning from mistakes. Unfortunately, the Virtual Boy discontinued March 2, 1996, in North America. In conclusion. instead of calling it a failure, maybe call it a device built in the wrong era haha.



And that’s all for Techy Tuesday! Hopefully, you learned something new about this very unique device at its time. Tune in next week to find out what console we’ll talk about next on Techy Tuesday.


                                                             Until Next Time 😛

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