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Top 10 Wednesday: Nintendo switch games for summer


With the official date of summer just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at what Nintendo has in store with their latest console the Nintendo Switch. Sure the library for Nintendo Switch games is very small, but new titles are almost here for you to get your hands on and play almost anywhere! Here are 10 Nintendo Switch summer e3 titles to get your hands on this summer.

10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If you own a Switch and don’t have this game already, I want you to stop reading this, get up, drive to your electronic store(Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Gamestop, etc.) and never take your eyes off it(or if your lazy and don’t wanna spend gas money, you could just buy it on the eshop). But in all seriousness, this game will keep you occupied for the entire summer, with an extensive amount of content, new gameplay mechanics,  and challenging missions, you’ll be left with a breathtaking view on the latest installment in the Zelda franchise. And with the first of the 2 DLC Expansion Pack releasing this summer, you’ll definitely have more than enough content to please your summer needs.



Wait ! hopefully, the bold font caught your attention. Now before you skip this saying “I’ve played this game so many times and bought this on WAY too many platforms, why would I do the same for this?” I’m glad you asked, my answer to you is simply this: “This game is soo FUN!” Still not convinced huh? Understandable. But it’s true, Minecraft is an amazing game where your imagination is your only limitation which gets even more exciting when you play with friends. Build, Craft, Farm, and so much more in this blocky world anywhere you want to in the real world with an exclusive Mario-themed world!(So many worlds! What’s not to love about that !)

 Mario Kart 8. Deluxe

See what I did there with the number^(I’m terrible.)

The adrenaline, the anti-gravity, the DEATH STARE!

If you enjoyed Mario Kart 8 your gonna love deluxe. The game comes with a few new battle modes, characters, and of course the good old death stare. This game is great when you’re on the road wanting to get an adrenaline rush in a slow moving vehicle, you can also play this game with friends by passing them another joy con. I personally would recommend this game to this who don’t own the Wii u version of this game or just want a portable Mario Kart with higher resolution on the go. If this isn’t the game you want, there are 7 more games on the list that might interest you.


7.Lego Worlds


Now I haven’t heard a lot of buzz about this game but if you played a Lego game you know there’s always something to enjoy. Build and discover various worlds on the Lego universe in this sandbox with the fun and loving Lego gameplay and customizations. Definitely, something to look into if you’re a fan of Lego games. Lego Worlds is available now! Although it didn’t release in the summer, it’s most certainly a game worth playing during the summer!



If your one the likes to get up and box, this games for you.

Arms is a New I.P. from Nintendo that utilizes the capability of the Nintendo Switch joy cons. With a roster of unique characters with unique abilities, customizations, online features, and much more! I tried the beta out and it honestly was a fun experience, at least with the games I got before the “communication error” screen popped up, but that should be fixed once the full version of the game releases. This game can be played anywhere, but I recommend you play this on the big screen, keep in mind that your also gonna have to chip in a few more $$$ for another joy con if you wanna play with a friend locally on the same device.



5.Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Now this is the indie game I definitely recommend, released also on Wii u, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is a very colored 2d platformer as you take the role of Shantae a.. well genie and hero. Using your hair to attack your enemies and learning dance moves to various different forms, definitely a game to try out this summer if you’re in the indie kind of feel.



4.Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Another indie title that has earned very popular ratings for its 2d side-scrolling platform gameplay. Shovel Knight is definitely that game to play at the end of the day and you wanna lie in your bed and play a classic pixel art game. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is the complete edition of Shovel Knight, using your shovel and magic to progress your way to defeat the evil Enchantress(Also includes a 4 player battle mode that will be coming soon).


3. Cave Story +


Now I’m not gonna lie, this is really a game based off of your own personal opinion, furthermore with the game having an incredibly diverse fan base. Taking the role of a scout robot in this action adventure platform. Shoot, climb,  with a pretty packed inventory of weapons and explore your way through the cave. If your not the huge on indie games this game might not be for you, but it’s definitely worth a try this summer. Cave Story + is available now in the eshop.


Price: Check on Amazon


2. Splatoon 2

Whether you’re a kid or a squid, you’ll definitely enjoy the sequel to Nintendo’s new IP Splatoon. Now I personally never got into Splatoon on the Wii U, but playing the demo of Splatoon 2 on my Switch definitely left me with the game on a positive note. This sequel comes with a new story, online features, customizations, and a TON of new weapons. Get ready to get your squid(or kid) on with Splatoon 2 Available now.


1.Sonic Mania

And we leave the best 4 last! This is the game I’m excited for, I love Sonic!

Ahem, excuse me, Sonic Mania is taking a step back and finally going to the roots and bringing out what made Sonic the hedgehog great. Play as Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles Tails Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and a secret character I won’t spoil for you guys. If you’re a fan of the classic Sonic series, this game is definitely for u with its amazing pixel graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay, you won’t be disappointed, you can even go the extra mile like me and pre-order the Sonic Mania bundle( I love Sonic so much lol). Sonic Mania is available now!



Welp, there you have it, hope there’s a game out there in this list that you’ll give a shot, you can find a link to all these games available or available for pre-order below their videos.


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