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Welp, the leaves are starting to change color and school is in session! But that doesn’t mean we can’t have our games with us on the go! Here are 10 Nintendo Titles you can get your hands on this Fall!







                              10. Lego Worlds


If you saw one of the first Top 10’s you’ll know this game was on there without a release date haha. But it has been confirmed that lego worlds will be coming this Fall! Create anything you can imagine exploring helicopters, dragons, mystical creatures, and much more! Anything is possible! You can even partner with a friend to join and build with alongside you! I recommend this to any lego fan, these games are always fun and entertaining to play, even for newcomers.


Lego Worlds releases for the Nintendo Switch is available now!

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                      9. Monster Hunter Stories

                 Like Monsters? Aren’t afraid of them? Then you have been chosen!


When others run in the face of danger, you’ll take it head on/ Forget the ground, you’re gonna be on these beasts!  An infected monster has attacked your village, you’ve found the source, now what? Well, it’s time to settle your differences and create a bond with the beast in a new and dangerous world. A spinoff to the series Monster Hunter, explore in the first turn based RPG battle system in the Monster Hunter Series. With several side quest, intense battles, and monster customization to create a powerful team to wipe out all in your way!


         Not sure whether it’s for you? Well, head to the e-shop right now to try it out for yourself!


The demo includes the first few hours of the game that you can transfer its data onto the full version if you plan on buying! Don’t worry amiibo fans, this game is compatible with them as well to unlock some accessories and perks. Monster Hunters Stories is available now!


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                             8. Rayman Legends

                           I’m sure you’re asking yourself “Another Remake?”


This game was remade a few times( Xbox One & PS4). I happen to own this for the Xbox 360. I’m sure it gets strange seeing this game remade several times, but it’s just


                                    SOOO GOOOOD!

Join Rayman and the gang as you travel across the enchantress forest, diving into new paintings that open a whole new world. Run, Jump, and Punch your way through the new adventures that await you to save the Glades once again. Play with up to 4 players wireless locally with over 100+ maps with its unique artistic paint design and test your rhythm skills in one of the best musical themed levels in video games.  One of the differences between the Definitive version and other versions is its full use of the switch’s features:


  1. It’s portable(obviously)


 2. Local Wireless Play


 3.Touch Screen to take out enemies


 4.Gyroscope usage to solve puzzles


And Much More!


Honestly the fact it’s portable is what I really like about it. To be able to play this award winning game on the go is practically one of the main reasons I would recommend you buy this. If you love platformers this game is for you!


The best part is you can give this game a try right now on the Nintendo Switch Eshop. The demo includes:


  • The first level: “Once Upon A Time”


  • “Ray and the Beanstalk”


  • A music themed level: “Castle Rock”


  • An all new mode with full use of the touch screen feature: “How to Shoot Your Dragon”


  • A chance to test your futbol skills in: “Kung Foot Mode”


  • Including a chance to check out a few of the playable heroes


I was actually playing the demo when I was writing it, consider it my break time haha.


                Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition is available now!














                      7. Metroid: Samus Returns

                       Samus is Back and with quite the interesting of ways

A complete remake of the 1991 GameBoy title, your mission is to take down the Metroid menace is bounty hunter Samus Aran. With 3D visuals along with 360-degree shooting, touchscreen, and much more! Do you think you have what it takes to complete this mission? How about we find out.


Metroid: Samus Returns is available now!


I recommend this game to any Metroid fan who wants to relive a classic title remade in a masterful reimagining along with new fans wanting to give it a shot. For devoted fans,  I advise you to get what I like to call the specials edition: coming with the game and soundtrack disc. For Die Hard Fans, I advise you get yourself the New Nintendo 3DS Samus Edition:



















                     6. Pokken Tournament DX

           Become the champion of the Ferrum region



Pokken Tournament is back with some new content! With an extended roster of 20 Pokemon, there’s definitely a Pokemon out there for you to choose. Daily challenges, 3 on 3, Group Matches, and Rank Matches to get yourself to the top. Play as popular Pokemon such as Pikachu, Lucario, Charizard, Mewtwo, and much more!  The only issue I would say about this game is how often people will play it along with online use.


There are a few rage quitters out there so be cautious about that. The story mode wasn’t anything too special if you were expecting something out of it. I recommend this game to those who don’t have the game for the Wii U or want to play this on the go. It’s actually a pretty interesting fighting game when I played it on the Wii U.


Try the game out for yourself on the eshop with the Pokken Tournament Demo that allows you to test a few Pokemon in battle!


Pokken Tournament is available now!

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                                   5. Fifa 18

So Maybe platformers aren’t your thing or the Kung Foot Mode specifically. You wanna play a real Futbol game right? Well, then Fifa 18 is the game you’re looking for. The latest installment in the Fifa Series, play as Alex Hunter in your second season while making decisions that determine the road ahead. Play with some of the best soccer players out there including Cristiano Ronaldo! 


With the several ways to play thanks to the joy-cons your sure to have a fun time, or face off head to head with a friend and see who can make it on top.  I recommend this game to any soccer loving fan that wants a bit of competition anywhere they go. Fifa 18 is available now!


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        4. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions



I’m sure you’ve seen this on one of the Top10’s before. However, it’s definitely a lot closer to release than before. Play one of the best Mario and Luigi RPG’s remade like you’ve never seen it before. Solve puzzles, discover new techniques, and use your timing skills to take out the baddies. Not to mention there’s a brand new mode that allows you to play as Bowser’s Minions. What fun!! I recommend this game to those who are a fan of the series along with those who want to play a classic Mario RPG title. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions is available now!












              3.Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

The next installment in the Etrian Odyssey series, dive into the land of Arcania to discover the journey ahead of you. Play in the classic RPG dungeon and exploration style Etrian Odyssey is known for. Create your party to fight anything that stands in your way while creating guilds! I recommend this game to RPG fans, specifically those who have been following the Etrian Odyssey Series. Seems like the type of game you’d have to play the others to understand this one haha. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth releases for the Nintendo 3DS October 17, 2017.



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                          2.Fire Emblem Warriors


From the team that brought you Dynasty Warriors and Hyrule Warriors, venture in a brand new story to save the Kingdom of Aytolis. Play as some of your favorite Fire Emblem heroes, with familiar faces like Marth, Xander, and Chrom to new faces like Rowan and Lianna. With an interesting combination of fighting and strategic planning, there’s no telling what you’ll face in battle. If you’re a fan of the previous hack and slash warrior series, then you’ll love this game.


My only issue would be the voice acting, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it haha. Fire Emblem Warriors releases for the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS/2DS October 20, 2017. There will also be a bundle pack for fans who want a little more than just their game with posters CDs and artwork.

























                 1.Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon


Ready for an all new adventure? ish? Pokemon is back with new trainers, customizations, and Pokemon, find out what features and content are new in this all-new adventure! I recommend this game to those who just got a 3DS, it’s not really necessary if you already own the original version haha. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon release for the Nintendo 3DS November 17, 2017.










And that’s it for Top 10 Wednesday! Hope you found a game that will help you get through fall!  Until next time 😀

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