Nintendo E3 Titles

I was so excited to make this week’s top 10 Wednesday, I’m honestly always excited to make these!(lol)

Nintendo switch E3 Titles


With gaming companies E3 presentations announcing a ton of games, I think its time we take a look at Nintendo’s new games arriving 2017-2018. Here are 10 Nintendo’s E3 Titles to get excited for.

10.Breath of the Wild DLC 

Well, he looks friendly…


If you haven’t picked up Breath of the Wild like I told you in the last top 10, it’s never been a better time to get it. Get ready for hard the Breath of the Wild first DLC Pack: The Master Trials. Face trials, deadlier foes, 2x damage, new armor, Hero’s Path Mode, enemies with healing factors, and that Golden Lynx up there^. Not to mention there’s one more DLC Pack coming with a new story, the new DLC Expansion Pack 1 is out now! Why not purchase the Season Pass to receive the 2nd Pack coming out Winter 2017.


9.Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions



Now I know this isn’t a Nintendo Switch game(sadly) But fans of the Mario and Luigi RPG series remember this game! The story where it all began 14 years ago, Join Mario and Luigi along with a new story Bowser’s Minions, playing as a group of bowsers minions to save your glorious leader. All that’s left to do is get a new 3ds(mine cracked 2 years ago on a trip RIP ;-; ). Be sure to pick this lovable classic for the 3ds in stores now!




If you loved Wholly World, you’ll love this new adventure. Yoshi is back and this time taking an interesting approach in an interesting decorative diorama. With its strange new mechanic allowing you to look at the world from both front and behind, you’ll definitely find a lot of hidden secrets to explore in this new game. Nintendo will report a release date 2018.






Yes, this is happening! Skyrim is making its way to the switch!


If you have never played Skyrim but own a switch, then this is for you. Being able to play Skrim portable with an interesting motion control option, not to mention that there will be amiibo compatibility that will exclusive content such as Breath of the Wild gear. Now I never played Skyrim(Plz don’t hurt ;-; ) but I  wanna give this game a shot, although the motion control looks a bit sketchy, it’s definitely worth a shot though. No release date has been announced yet, but stay tuned for one in the near future.

6. Fire Emblem Warriors


Fans of Hyrule Warriors will surely love this game, Fire Emblem Warriors is a hack and slash just like Hyrule Warriors but with popular Fire Emblem characters. Play as new characters and lovable ones such as Marth, Chrom(my favorite), Corrin, and so much more in this new game, if you love the Fire Emblem series, you’ll love this(also if you don’t know much of fire emblem its ok, it didn’t get much popularity till Awakening came out on the 3ds). Fire Emblem Warriors releases October 20, 2017.



5.Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Now I know fans of the first game were hyped to see more of this game. When I was watching this stream, my friend asked me to join his group while we watch it and they were SOOO EXCITED(their stream was also somehow farther than mine so I had to mute cause spoilers). I never played Xenoblade(plz don’t hurt me) but this game is looking very nice, the art design and gameplay mechanic is truly an RPG title, but its the story that makes me want to buy this game most of all, my one friend’s group were even theorizing story plots and analyzing the trailer after the showcase).  Hopefully, you guys are excited and ready to pick up the sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles.This game plans on releasing December 1st, 2018.



Metroid Prime 4.

^see what I did? ( IDK y I try ;-; )


The long-awaited continuation of the Metroid series is upon us. Although there was no gameplay of this, a small teaser video revealed the game is “Now in Development for Nintendo Switch”. I’m definitely excited to see what this game shapes up to be, hopefully, I actually play a few of the series games before I pick this one up.



I couldn’t believe this was happening, the lovable pink puffball is back and coming to the switch! A new adventure awaits with new abilities, story, and multiplayer. I really think the multiplayer function is gonna be so fun and let’s not forget the circle of friendship! Nintendo plans to report a release date in 2018.






2. Pokemon


I don’t know about you, but to here that there’s a full Pokemon game coming to the switch makes me very happy( And covers up the small disappoint in the 8 minute Pokemon Direct). Little detail was offered with this title with the game not even coming out till a year or so, but we can finally rest easy to know that we’ll be able to play to catch on the go(without having to play Pokemon Go).

1.Super Mario Odyssey

I’m sure all of you saw this coming.


When I saw the trailer for this with the dinosaur, I thought it was a completely different game until I saw Mario pop out of that dinosaur I was like:



This game is definitely shaping up to look like a huge Mario sandbox we’ve been waiting for. With customizable costumes, new moves, new abilities, and a ton of classy jazzy song that you can’t seem to get out of your head like in the trailer, Mario Odyssey is looking clean and sharp and is definitely something to be looking forward to. Furthermore, this game is coming a lot sooner than one thought, you can pick this up on store shelves October 27, 2017.


You can pre-order a majority of these games with the links below the videos!





And that’s it for Top 10 Wednesday! What games are you guys getting? Hopefully, your excited to see these games released in 2017 and 2018, I am for sure.






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