Mario Bros. Theme

It’s Music Monday!


 This week we’ll be talking about “Mr.Video Game Himself” Super Mario.


But what exactly is it that makes him so memorable? Well, my friend, it’s not just the gameplay, its lovable characters, and art design, but rather a jingle we all know:

^(Play the music while reading this for fun)


That’s Right, this small, simple, 8-bit pixelated jingle is the reason why we remember this iconic character. But what makes this so memorizable, it’s just a jingle, no orchestra, just a pixel sounded theme why is it so remarkable, the answer:


It’s simple


Let’s take a closer look at this simple melody:


 \header { tagline = ##f } \score { \relative c' { \clef "treble" \time 4/4 e'16 e8 e16 r c e8 g4-. g,-. c8 r16 g r8 e r16 a r b r bes a8 \times 2/3 {g e' g} a8 f16 g r e r c d b16 r8 } \layout {} \midi {} }

This is the first 3 bars of the melody:

It’s in the key of C, what does that mean you ask? Simple

  • A melody with no “Sharps” or “Flats”

If the melody does not contain any sharps or flats we will use the C major skill which is as follows:


we’ll look into major scales a lot more in the future but let’s continue or analyzation

The first bar of the measure(the first 7 notes) are E E E C E G (low)G

With these notes, we can play a C Major chord: C E G

But notice how the first note is E which means if we wanted to accompany the melody with chords we could play an E major chord: E G B


That’s enough Music theory, for today, let’s get to the

 The history behind the melody:


This melody was written by Koji Kondo, a Japanese music composer for Nintendo who is well known for his melodies in Zelda as well. The composition was written in 1985, composing a majority of the Soundtracks in the original Mario Bros game.


It just goes to show how simple a memorable famous melody can truly be. Maybe you could even make one, just as long as it comes with a lovable character 😛


That’s it for today, Now you have some fun facts about your favorite video game music titles. If you have any request, feel free to put them in the comments below!







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