The Legend Of Zelda:Breath of the Wild: Trial of The Sword Guide


Breath of the Wild: Master Trials Guide

I hope you all are enjoying the new Breath of the Wild DLC. It’s quite a challenge,  especially the Master Trials. If you’re finding yourself stuck and having trouble with the Trial, not to fear for the Master Trials guide is here. We’ll tell you essential tools and things to do when facing this trial so you’ll be more prepared. Along with how I personally cleared each stage and things to look out for in this  Trial of the Sword Guide.
Recommended Requirements:

  • 20-30 Hearts
  • 5-7  Bow slots
  • 5-7 Sheild slots
  • 9-12+ Weapon Slots
  • Save the game right before you insert the sword in the pedestal!


What to do in every trial:

  • Break all boxes
  • Always have an axe (only use it to destroy boxes and barrels)
  • Grab every weapon
  • Grab every type of food

Now that you have a general idea on what you should do, that’s pretty much all you need to take this on. If you’re still stuck and wanna know how to complete each stage, read on!




UnderGround Floor 1

  • Enemies: 3 (Bokoblins)
  • Estimated:2 Boxes, 2 Barrels

How I approached this one was simply running towards the weapons on the log near the bokoblins. If you’re fast enough, you should be able to retrieve all but one weapon that a bokoblin will grab. Since their red,  their easier to kill. Remember DO NOT use the axe to fight, only use it for the breakable objects (boxes and barrels).



UnderGround Floor 2

  • Enemies: 5( 1 Fire ChuChu & 4 Bokoblin)
  • Estimated: 2 boxes, 2 barrels

The first thing I did was attack the bokoblin wielding the bow on the right side. After taking him out, I used the ( name) and used his flames to paraglide my way to the platform. (There is a bridge like setup that can be taken down with arrows). Then I took out the last arrow user, I recommend using stasis+ for the sword-wielding bokoblin to play it safe and deal damage with multiple strikes. Most of the barrels consist of arrows which you will need a lot of in this trial so keep them.

Underground Floor 3

Enemies: 9 (1 ChuChu & 8 Fire ChuChu)


All I did was use my bow I took from the last floor and arrows that were found in the barrel.


Underground floor 4

  • Enemies: 8 ( 6 Bokoblin & 2 Blue Bokoblin)
  • Estimated: 3 Boxes

The first thing I did was shoot the bokoblin on the left with my arrow. Then I climbed up the ladder on the right. There are TNT and a bokoblin up there so be careful. Then I threw one of the TNT at the fort and used my weapons to take them out. Stasis+ works well here.


Underground Floor 5

Enemies: 5   (2 Moblins & 3 Blue Moblins)


Take the Moblins out one at a time, then use your arrow to shoot the lamp down in the skull fort and finish them off. Stasis+ works well here.


Underground Floor 6

Enemies: 1 (Stone Pebblit)

Estimated: 2 Boxes


Just face this one the way you normally would with these enemies. Stasis+ and Bomb help.

UnderGround Floor 7


Estimated: 3 Boxes.3 Chest, 1 Fairy, 3 Fish


I cooked all I had. Cooked the meats and fruits separately.



UnderGround Floor 8

Enemies: 5( 1 Electric ChuChu, 2  Lizalof, & 2 Blue Lizalof)

Estimated: 3 Boxes, 1 Chest( arrow 10x)


Just take em out 1 by one, stasis is very useful for this one.



Underground Floor 9

Enemies: 3 (1 Thunder Wizzrobe& 2 water octorock)

Estimate: 1 Box, 1 chest(Arrow 10x)


Use arrows for the octorocks. Stasis works very well for the Wizzrobe, make sure he’s near you before activating it.



Underground Floor 10

Enemies: 3 (2 Lizalof & 1 Blue Lizalof)

Estimate: 4 Boxes,2 Barrels

Immediately run into the water. Don’t let the Lizalof spot you. You can always climb back up. Lightning Rod and Stasis + helps when taking them out in a group



Underground floor 11


Enemies: 8 (3 bokoblin, 3 blue bokoblin, 1 black bokoblin, 1 black moblin)


Estimate: 5 Boxes, 2 barrels, 1 chest(Fire Arrow 10x)



Shoot down the 3 bokoblins, or just swim behind the boat and come on it to restore stamina. Use Stasis+  to take out the enemies.


Underground floor 12

Enemies: 1 (Blue Hinox)

Estimated: 1 Box


Sneak up on top of him from his arm and take his weapons. Use stasis+ once you shot his eye and he’s on the ground for more damage.


Congratulations ! You completed the Beginner Trials!

Middle Trials





Underground floor 1


Enemies: 5 (bokoblin)
Estimated: 4 boxes, 4 barrels, 2 chests (soldier’s broadsword)( soldier’s  bow)

Immediately start to paraglide so the fire arrow bokoblin won’t hit you. Take the bokoblins on the left side first, there will be a boko club near the barrels. Stasis + works well here.

Underground floor 2

Enemies: 5 ( 2 fire wizzrobes, 2 bokoblins & 1 blue bokoblin)

Estimated: 4 boxes

To take out the wizzrobes, get them near a platform as so.

Once there, use stasis + to strike them and they should fall to their doom.



Underground floor 3

Enemies: 7 ( 5 bokoblin, 2 blue bokoblins)

Estimated: 5 boxes, 2 barrels, 1 chest (feathered spear)


Take out the bokoblin on the flying platform first. Then go to the ride and shoot the red bokoblin in slow motion. Slow-mo works best on this floor for arrow welding  bokoblins.

Underground floor 4

Enemies: 1 (guardian)

Estimated: 4 boxes 2 chest(soldiers bow, )(knight’s  shield)

Make your way under the platform of the guardian.


Then paraglide up to it, use stasis+ and strike it from behind.




Underground floor 5

Estimated: 4 boxes,3 fish, 1 fairy, 3 chests(knight’s broadsword, Hylian trousers, falcon bow)

Your gonna want to take the torch near the cooking spot cause the next floors will be pretty dark.



Underground floor 6



Enemies: 6 ( 1 electric chuchu. 5 fire keese)



Arrows will be easiest to take this floor down.

Underground floor 7

Enemies:4 (2 fire lizalof, 2 lizalof)

Estimated: 2 boxes 1 chest

Take the 2 fire lizalof separately near a light, stasis+ helps. Then shoot the lamp in the skull shaped fort( if you don’t want the chest) and take the last 2 out.

Underground floor 8

Enemies: 4 (2 blue lizalof, 1 black lizalof, 1 fire wizzrobe)

Estimated: 4 box’s

Lure the lizalof near the stairs so u can strike them without fleeting. Use an ice arrow for the wizzrobe

Underground floor 9

Enemies: 1 (decayed guardian)

Estimated: 2 boxes

Get behind him and strike,  stasis+ works well for this

Underground floor 10

Enemies: 1 (hinox)

Estimated: 2 barrels

Get to a platform with stairs and shoot his eye.

Then jump down and use stasis+ and damage him. Repeat process

Underground floor 11


Estimated: 3 fish, 4 boxes, 2 fairies, 3 chests (forest dwellers Sword, Hylian tunic, forest dwellers spear)

Underground floor 12

Enemies: 6 (guardian scout I )

Estimated: 1 chest ( arrow 10x)


Arrows will kill them, any part of them really.

Underground floor 13

Enemies: 3(Guardian walk)

Stasis works well here. Try to take the one on the right side before the one in the middle reaches you.

Underground floor 14

Enemies:6 4 (Guardian Scout I) (Guardian Scout III)

1 chest(eightfold long blade)


Arrows will take out the shooters.


Use stasis plus to take the guardians on the left and right side. Or just get them in the water Lol.




Underground floor 15

Enemies: 2 (Guardian Scout III)

Try and take them out separately. Stasis+ works well here




Underground floor 16


Enemies: 1 (Guardian Scout IV)


Just take this one out the way you would in the “Test of Strength” Shrine.



Awesome ! You completed the Middle Trials!

 Final Trials



Underground Trial 1


Enemies: 4 (cursed Bokoblin)

Estimate: 2 boxes


Make sure if you use metal weapons, u take them off you before the lighting strikes. Pick up all the weapons the bokoblins drop due to lack of metal.



Underground Floor 2



Enemies: 5 (2 Electric Keese & 3 Cursed Lizalof)

Estimate: 2+ box/chest

Use arrows to take out the electric keese and go inside the skull shaped fort to take the lizalof out. Make sure not to set the TNT off while your in it.


Underground Floor 3

Enemies: 5+ (2 Electric Chuchu’s & Cursed Moblins)


Estimate; 2 barrels, 2 chests( Knight’s Sheild)


You can use arrows to take the chuchu’s and stasis to take the moblins.



Underground Floor 4



Enemies: 4+ (cursed moblin)


Estimate: 2 + boxes


Don’t let them intimidate you, a simple arrow should take them off the horse or possibly eliminated.


Underground Floor 5


Enemies: 1 (Stalnox)


Use arrows to take the eye out.


You can use stasis when you have it down for extra damage.


Underground Floor 6



Estimate: 4 boxes, 1 fairy, 3 chests



Underground Floor 7



Enemies:4 (1 ocotorck, 2 igneo pebblit, 1 fire chuchu)

Use arrows for the chuchu and bombs for the octorock and pebblit’s guys. Remeber to remove your wooden weapons. Stasis+ works well here.




Underground Floor 8



Enemies:3 (lizalof)

Estimate:2 boxes

Arrows and stasis work well to take these guys out.


Underground floor 9


Enemies: 1 Fire wizzrobe, 2 fire lazalof, 1 moblin

Estimated: 3 boxes


Use an ice arrow to take out the wizzrobe. Stasis works well to take out the other enemies.





UnderGround Floor 10


Enemies: 4 (1 Lizalof & 3 Moblin)

Estimated: 2 Boxes, 1 chest ( Ancient Arrow x3)




Stasis will work best here to take these enemies out



Underground Floor 11

Enemies: 1 (Igneo Pebblit)

Estimated: 1 Box

Arrows are the best way to take this one out, your gonna need about 50 of them. Don’t waste your special arrow on this one cause it will barely do any damage to it.

Underground Floor 12


Estimated: 4 Boxes, 3 fish, 3 chests( Royal Guard’s Shield)(Stone Smasher)( Hylian Tunic)


Your gonna wanna cook those peppers due to the next floors being chilly.( You can also use your flammable weapons instead but it’s a bit riskier due to it breaking)



Underground Floor 13

Enemies: 6 (2Frost Pebblit’s, 1 Ice ChuChu,  2Blue Bokoblin, 1 Black Bokoblin)

Estimated: 2 boxes


Use Bombs to take the Pebblits. Arrow to take out the Chu. Stasis works best for the bokoblin.


UnderGround Floor 14


Enemies: ( 1 Ice-Breath Lizalof, 2 Ice Chuchus, 3 Blue Bokoblin, 1 Silver Moblin)


Estimated: 3 Boxes, 1 chest( Ancient Arrow x3)


You can use a fire arrow to take out a majority of enemies due to TNT barrels. Use stasis afterward.



Underground Floor 15

Enemies:(1 Ice wizzrobe, 2 Blue bokoblin, 1 moblin, 1 Silver bokoblin)

Estimate: 2 Boxes, 2 Barrels



Attract the wizzrobe before the others so you can use your fire arrow on him. Stasis works well to take the others out if you lure them separately.



Underground Floor 16

Enemies: 1 ( Frost Pebblet)


Take this one out the same way you did with the Igneo Pebblit. You need about 50 arrows.



Underground Floor 17

Enemies: 1 (Lynel)

Estimated: 1 Chest(Bomb Arrow x5)

Take this one out the same way you would an ordinary lynel.



Underground Floor 18

Estimated: 3 fairies, 3 boxes, 3 fish, 3 chests

( Royal Shield, Royal Bow, Royal Broadsword)


Underground Floor 19


Enemies: 6 (Decayed Guardian)

Estimated; 1 chest(Knight’s Shield)


Take out the one behind you first. The use stasis to take out the others out 1 at a time.


Underground Floor 20

Enemies: 1(Guardian Stalker)


Estimated: 2 boxes, 2 barrels



You can either take it out with an ancient arrow, reflect its lasers, or use your horse to take this one out. I personally used the horse because I will be using my arrows for future floors.

Underground Floor 21

Enemies: 1 ( Guardian Skywatcher)

Estimated: 1 Box, 1 barrel, 1 Chest ( Bomb Arrow x5)

I used an ancient arrow to take this one out


Underground Floor 22

Enemies: 3 ( 1 Guardian Stalker, 1 Guardian Turret, 1 Guardian Skywatcher)


Estimated: 2 chests (Royal Bow)(Royal Shield)


I used 2 ancient arrows for the turret and skywatcher and reflected the lasers of the stalker.


Underground Floor 23


Enemies: 10 (1 Silver lynel)(8 Bokoblins)( 1 guardian turrent)

Estimated: 4 boxes, 1 Chest(Bomb Arrow x5)

Using arrows to take out the bokoblins is best, take the lynel out 1 v 1 style. I used an ancient arrow to take the guardian turrent out.


Congrats ! You are now the wielder of the True Master Sword Guide!


Thanks for reading!




Hope this guide helped you all to complete the Trial of the Sword!


You can get the DLC pack below:


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