Jump Up Super Star: Extra





This week on Music Monday, we’ll be heading back into the world of



                        Super Mario Odyssey


But today we’ll be doing something a little different, instead of analyzing, we’ll be taking a look at some fun facts about the song to celebrate the week release of Mario Odyssey!


                    Jump Up Super Star: Extra


Here’s the post to Super Mario Odyssey in case you missed it!

Jump Up Super Star!



           With that said, Let’s Jump Right in!





I’m sure you all know the genre theme that was thrown out was a “Big Band” feel, but there’s a bit more to this song than meets the eye. The Super Mario Odyssey Main Theme: “Jump Up! Super Star!” is the first main Mario theme song to ever include vocals. In addition, the song was performed by Pauline(the singer was Kate  Higgins). You can even hear the theme from Donkey Kong when Paulina is singing: “Odyssey, Ya see”. Super Mario Odyssey’s: Jump Up Super Star released worldwide October 20, 2017.




And of course, let’s not forget the fancy little musical trailer that came out for our, used to be, plumber. (Apparently, Mario is no longer a plumber haha).



If you really love this song and can’t get it out of your head, Download the free short version of the song on Nintendo’s official Odyssey Page



Thanks for reading! Hope you found/learned a little EXTRA, detail about this song. In addition, tune in next week to find out what world we dive into next time on Music Monday! 😀


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