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Intrigued by the words”Destiny”, “Gaming” and have a love for video games, technology, and music? Then this is the place for you! DestinyGaming is a blogging site for all audiences who are in love with these topics, here you’ll receive information on all these topics with special days such as:

This is where information on different video game music will be including lessons on music theory for those who want to learn and possibly play one of your favorites gaming compositions.





These post will revolve around the latest tech from consoles all the way to smartphones and more including information on Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, etc.

Every other Wednesday we will create a top 10 revolving around games(and hopefully other topics) such as:


  • Game Titles
  • Recommendations
  • Game Series
  • Much More


  • Every other day will normally just be a personal blog day with opinions on these topics


We hope you’re looking forward to seeing what we have in store while expanding this community and bringing us together for what we all love!





Zay Altick

Sega and Nintendo enthusiast with a love for video games, music, and technology. Creator of DestinyGaming and future game company entrepreneur, Favorite gaming series are Sonic, Zelda, Mario, Kingdom Hearts, and any indie game that catches my eye.

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