Happy Birthday Sonic The Hedgehog !



Happy Birthday! I didn’t expect to post today but this is definitely an important day!


Can you believe it’s been 26 YEARS ?!! Our bad-nik kicking hero has been and still is running for 26 years! That’s crazy! My first Sonic game was Sonic Mega Collection for the Gamecube and ever since then I bought all his games and became obsessed with it(except fire and ice, but I will get it !)(Sonic fan problems). Furthermore, let’s take a trail down memory lane and see what this blue blur has done over the past few years!



Our hero started his journey this very day but different year. His first title, Sonic the Hedgehog released: June 23, 1991. With his first title being a complete success and rival to Mario, Sonic continues to grow. Sonic the Hedgehog was designed by Yuji Naka, he was also the level designer and head of Sonic Team at the time. Takashi Iizuka is the current lead designer, producer, and head of Sonic team.( I got to meet him in 2014 😀 ).



Nowadays, Sonic has had some… strange turns with Sega now becoming a 3rd party supporter. He’s appeared on Xbox, Playstation, Wii, DS, 3ds, mobile platforms, and PC. But Sonic had many exclusives with Nintendo such as Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic Lost Worlds, and the Sonic Boom Series. It wasn’t until recently that it was announced his latest games would be on multiple platforms no longer being exclusive. Sonic Boom is the latest installment in the Sonic series and it didn’t receive many applaudable comments making the sonic future unknown. That was until 2 new Sonic titles were announced for this year: One game going back to its roots to what made Sonic great, and a modern game that allows you to customize your own character(I’m kinda neutral about that decision).




What does the future hold for sonic you might ask? Well, we couldn’t really give you an answer for that. But with the release of Sonic Mania coming out in a few weeks along with Sonic forces releasing this holiday, I’d say he definitely has thought or two in mind. Let’s not forget our hero gets another movie that’s expected to release in 2019!



Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play Sonic 06 to see if I can finally get through those glitches(probably not) and then Colors. But before I leave let me just say:


Happy Birthday, Sonic! Thanks for all the memories and hope you have many more years to come ^-^



How are you celebrating this special day, leave your plans in the comments below! 😀


Wanna know more about Sonic? You can get yourself the History of Sonic book! This book goes into detail for 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog:

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