Super Mario Odyssey: Cap Kingdom(All Moon Stars)

           Welcome to the Super Mario Odyssey Guide!

Cap Kingdom


What hopefully becomes an entire guide series, we’ll be going through all the locations of the Moons in Super Mario Odyssey. That’s Right! All 999 Moons! It’s definitely going to be quite the challenge, but luckily this guide is here to help you with those hard to find moons.







Now before you continue reading you must remember:


  • You must beat the game to get all the moons in this location
  • Some moons can be obtained without completing the entire game

These are required because most moon locations aren’t revealed until the game is complete. But you can probably collect most moons to make it easier when going back. So rather than holding off the moon search, you can start collecting them now while playing the game. The less moons you have to find the better!

















                             1.Frog-Jumping Above the Fog







                           2.Frog-Jumping from the Top Deck

                                                                      (Shake the switch joy-cons to reach this one)









                            3.Cap Kingdom Timer Challenge 1







                               4.Good Evening, Captain Toad!

                                                                                      (At the top of Cap Kingdom)







                                  5.Shopping in Bonneton

                                                                            (Pretty self-explanatory haha)






                                  6.Skimming the Poison Tide

                                                                               (Location is behind the cap kingdom)







                            7.Slipping through the Poison Tides

                                                                                            (Same area as #6)







                                       8.Push-Block Peril







                             9.Hidden Among the Push-Blocks

                                                                                      (Same area/location as #8)







                                 10.Searching the Frog Pond

                                                                                         (Go through door)






                                   11.Secrets of the Frog Pond







                                  12. The Forgotten Treasure








                             13.Taxi Flying Through Bonneton







                                    14.Bonneter Blockade







                                15.Cap Kingdom Regular Cup







                             16. Peach in the Cap Kingdom







                          17. Found With Cap Kingdom Art

                                                                    (We’re heading to space to find this one)



                                    18.Next to Glasses Bridge







                                          19.Danger Sign







                                20.Under the Big One’s Brim

                                                                                   (I just jumped to get this one)






                                21.Fly to the Edge of the Fog








                             22. Spin the Hat, Get a Prize







                              23.Hidden in a Sunken Hat

                                                  (Remeber to hold the button to throw cappy till the moon comes out)







                                 24.Fog-Shrouded Platform

                                                                      (Shake the switch joy-cons to reach this one)









                                25. Bird Traveling in the Fog







                             26.Caught Hopping Near the Ship!







                                27.Taking Notes: In the Fog








                       28.Cap Kingdom Timer Challenge 2







29.Cap Kingdom Master Cup

                                     (You have to play the challenge twice in order to get the moon/Same location/area as #15)








30.Roll On and On







31.Precision Rolling

(Same location/area as #30)

       And there you have it, the locations of all the moons in the Ruined Kingdom!


Hopefully, the guide helped to find the locations of these moons and was a lot easier to search for. Seems like there’s a lot more to go so there’s no time to waste haha. In conclusion, if this guide helped, feel free to put your feedback in the comments below. Feedback is always helpful to improve future guides and content. And remember to feel free to insert your thoughts on Mario Odyssey, I happened to love it!


Here’s a link to the review on Super Mario Odyssey with my personal thoughts on what made it a great and fun entertaining game.(Coming Soon)

With that said, I’ll catch you on the next guide in search of these moons all across the world!



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If you want to learn about some extra info, check out “Jump Up Super Star Extra” where you can find fun facts about the song!



            Download the free short version of the song here!




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