Nintendo 3DS Titles for Summer

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Top 10 Wednesday: 3DS games for summer


So you don’t have a switch yet huh? And you want some games to play for the summer I see. What’s that? You plan on getting a 3ds and not sure what games to get? Well not to fear for Top10Wednesday is here to provide you a list of games to either play or get your hands on this summer on Nintendo’s successful portable: the Nintendo 3DS! Here are 10 3DS games to get your hands on this summer!



10.The Legend of Zelda: A link between Worlds


Can you believe there are still people out there who still don’t own this ?!!


Yes, the game is pretty old, about 4 years, however, if you don’t own this you need to pick this up! This game takes a majority of its inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Including a brand new story, characters, item system, and less linear approach, you’ll fall in love with its new art style and gameplay. Even if your not a huge Zelda fan, this game will definitely have something for you to enjoy this summer. The Legend of Zelda: A link to between worlds , as you guessed, is available now!





9.Animal Crossing: New Leaf



Now I could never understand what people loved so much about this game? But that’s only because it’s not my type of game. If your the type of person who wants to lay outside with a calm friendly game then this is for you. There’s so much to do in the latest installment of Animal Crossing(Amiibo Festival doesn’t count). Plant crops, catch butterflies, be the mayor of your own town and shape it into what you hope to be. The best part about this game is you can play with friends inviting them into your town and discover together! Animal Crossing New Leaf is available now!


Mario Kart 7.

^ see what I did there( I lost creativity…)


I know a lot of these games are old but here me out. Mario Kart 7 is definitely one of those summer games to try out, especially if you love Mario Kart. It’s honestly like Mario Kart 8, but differences, of course, being graphics, gameplay mechanics, and a few other things. Playing this game online was one of my favorite things to do and even more fun with friends! Definitely, a game to get if you don’t own it and want some racing adrenaline. Mario Kart 7 is available now!


6.Ever Oasis

This is for all you RPG fans out there! Ever Oasis is a new RPG by Grezzo where your mission is to create a village in the desert in an attempt to find your older brother. Filled with puzzling dungeons, missions, gear, and items to help build your town. It’s a pretty new concept that’s worth a try if you’re a fan of RPG’s and want to expand your 3ds library. Ever Oasis is available now!




 5.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Claimed to be the best Zelda game of all time( very.Very debatable) Ocarina of Time 3d is a remake of the original on the N64. Ocarina of Time was absolutely incredible! This game has been out for a while now but it’s definitely something to pick up if you don’t own it or ready to pick up a 3ds. Save Hyrule as a kid and go to the future to save your land. Collect items, face challenging dungeons and decide whether your ready to take this adventure of a fantastic game. I lost my copy sadly, but I’ll be picking it up again as soon as I get a new 3ds(mine has a cracked screen on it ;-;  )The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is available now for an incredible price!







4.The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

If your gonna get Ocarina of Time, why not complete the summer with Majora’s mask? The sequel to Ocarina of Time, take a journey through the eyes of a young link to save the world in 3 days. That’s right, 3 days to save the whole world, you think you can do it? It’s definitely one of the strangest Zelda games out there with 4 dungeons and a ton of sidequest and masks to collect.( My favorite mask is the fierce diety mask) Picking up this game along with Ocarina of Time, your summer is pretty much set. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is available now!





3.Pokemon Sun & Moon

This was by far one of the best Pokemon games. If you didn’t like X and Y due to the story, you won’t be disappointed with this one. With new Pokemon out there to catch and discover, there’s no telling what you’ll find in the Alola region. You can even customize little Pikachu! You could get the game now unless you want to wait for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. What’s so ultra about it?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ couldn’t tell ya. If you don’t think there’s a need to get ultra( Idk a reason tbh) you can get your copy of Pokemon Sun and/or Moon now! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon release November 17, 2017.

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2.Monster Hunter Generations

If you loved Monster Hunter 4, you’re going to love this game! Monster Hunter Generations is the next installment in the Monster Hunter series. Tons of quest, challenges, new monsters, weapons, and much more! Not to forget it has one of the best local and online multiplayer that the 3ds has to offer. This game is for you if you want an action adventure RPG and wanna play with friends. Take a trip in this new world and see if you have what it takes to slay some monsters, Happy hunting! Monster Hunter Generations is available now!


 1.Super Smash Bros for 3DS


Of course, this is on the list!


If you’re ever going to get one game on the 3ds, this is it right here. Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS is the first in the series to go portable. Play as several characters from the Nintendo universe to rise your way to the top and see if you have what it takes the be the best! With exclusive stages, new characters, new Pokemon, new assist trophies, and so much more you’ll be flooded with content. Let’s not forget the DLC characters, from veterans like Lucas, Roy, and Mewtwo, to newcomers such as Cloud, Ryu, Bayonetta! With all this content, your sure to have your summer packed as you can play this with friends locally and online as well(as long as your ready to put that long friend code) Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3ds is available now!







And there you have it! Hopefully there some games on this list that you could pick up if you own a 3ds. If you plan on getting a 3ds, you can get yourself the New Nintendo 2DS XL. If you plan on getting a 3ds I highly recommend you wait till this one comes out, it’s looking to be like the best one yet! It’s also a pretty affordable console coming to about $149.99, which is a bit more expensive than the original 2ds(79.99), but cheaper than the New 3ds XL(199.99). I definitely hope to pick the 2ds XL on release day since I need a new one(hopefully I don’t crack the screen on it). The 2DS XL releases July 28th, 2017! 


You can find the 2ds and 3dsXL at Walmart or Gamestop. Amazon might not have it at the moment but maybe try these other places.

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